I did chalk the loop last minute this year, but chalk has always been a spontaneous art medium for me. I found out 3 days before it happened and I had no idea what I wanted to do. The mural I did before this was on a wall and my biggest mural yet. However, concrete has been my favorite canvas. It sticks better than walls painted in chalkboard paint. I decided to recreate the Reverie mural and I think this has been my brightest mural yet. The colors turned out amazing. Although there is always a price to pay for such beauty. My legs are so sore from squatting over the mural trying not to touch it for hours. My legs always hurt the day after chalking a mural, but this is the sorest my legs have ever been.

This was the first chalk drawing I saw. I thought it was a great message to see first thing when walking down the chalk sidewalk.


And of course Desmond Warrior participated as well:

Without further to do, check out my mural.

Thanks for looking!

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