South Grand Chalk Walk 2018

October 13th, 2018

This year for the South Grand Chalk Walk I decided to draw something out ahead of time, Something I have never intentional done. If I did have a drawing to do a mural off of it was usually because I was merely elaborating on a smaller board I just recently did. However this was different in more that just this one way. I also had an idea, which normally I would improvise all my murals. This time I knew I wanted to do a sun, of course, but with a face of a girl in the middle. Thus the idea of the body with roots for feet, and lotus in her hands followed. I have never done a face(with chalk) so I knew I needed to practice to see if I could even do it. I was somewhat happy with the resulting sketch and decided to go for it the next day at the event.

This year I started late and didn’t get it finished in time for the judges. The end result looks very flat. I left feeling like I wanted to paint her as I imagine all the details.

Thanks for looking!

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