What Do You Dream Mural for Prime Theatre

May 24th, 2018

Prime Theatre: “What do you dream?”

Me:  “To chalk the giant chalkboards at Melt.”

I was asked to do a mural for Prime Theatre. Specifically, their ‘Reverie: What Do You Dream?‘, season one of many 24-hour play festivals. It took place at the old Melt/Proper building on Cherokee street in St. Louis. If you aren’t familiar with this building, it used to be ‘Melt’, an awesome waffle place that had chalk board paint on the majority of their walls. I did the largest section that is floor to ceiling. I had to use a ladder to reach the top! This has been my biggest mural yet! At least double the size of my normal murals I do on the ground. It was my first time doing a mural on a wall too. My murals have always been on a chalkboard or the ground.

Pictures of the old Melt:

My friend, Lew Blink, is the one who asked me as he is the set designer & dream manager for Prime. I loved that he used his Dumpster Archeology finds for set props. He brings dead people back to life. Check that shit out!

Dumpster Archeology props for Reverie

DreamManager at PRIME's plays with Drew Gowran

This is video of Drew Gowran playing while I am filming my Dumpster Archeology creation Art piece called DreamManager, and a little bit of the inside of PRIME's 24 hour play creation.

Posted by Dumpster Archeology on Thursday, June 14, 2018

I am so grateful for this opportunity. I had always dreamt of doing the chalkboards of Melt when I ate waffles there. Thank you Prime Theatre for making my dream come true.

Day One:

I came the day before to talk to the director about what he wanted and get started. I too was also a part of the 24 hour time crunch.

Next Day

Finally Complete

Break Time!

After I complete the mural we take a break while we wait for the play to begin.

Let the play begin!

Celebrating My Success!

After Show!

After the show Drew Gowran was playing his music outside. He is a solo percussionist and street performer. He has such a creative talent.

Season Two

Next up for Prime Theatre is Season Two: Know Thy Self

Season Two

Thanks for looking!

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