Inspiration Activation

inspiration activation:

a process of activating the inspiration that lies within

in.spi.ra.tion n.

  1. Something that stimulates the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art
  2. A sudden brilliant idea
  3. Divine guidance and influence on human beings
  4. The drawing of air into the lungs

To inspire is to inhale the conscious breath of divine influence and expand our potential for receiving sacred activation.

We invite you on a journey to explore many elements of self embodiment with deep practices that reunite us with the life force itself, bringing forth an energetic rebirthing and complete rejuvenation.

Your Guides

Sara Catlett

Sara is devoted to the path of Holistic Wellness. As an advocate for many healing modalities, her philosophy and facilitation integrates Yoga, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Bodywork, Plant Medicine, Dance, Reiki, and the pursuit of Spiritual Development together for full embodiment and optimal well-being.  Sara’s unending compassion and love shines through her willingness to embrace anyone, at any stage of life, on a journey to rehabilitation and expansion.

Shenee Alexa

Shenee began her journey into Healing Arts Practices first exploring Yoga, Tai Chi and Raw Veganism. She is a Massage Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Pranic Healer and Breathwork Facilitator. She is also a Mindful Schools Educator for children and teens. With an approach rooted in permaculture principles, she encourages us to consider not only the health of our body, mind, heart, breath & spirit, but also our relationship to our environment.

Are you ready to release stagnant energy, clear away old habits and re-connect with yourself in a place of love and acceptance, all while having plenty of fun along the way?

As you explore where your comfort zone ends and transformation begins, old patterns fall away naturally and your intrinsic wisdom within emerges.

Shenee and Sara have cultivated a safe space for allowing your deepest expressions to come forth, to have fun, to relax and rejuvenate. We will use intentional thought, guided dance and movement, transformative breathwork and sound healing to release stagnant energy, move beyond our limiting beliefs, clear away old habits, realign with our truest self and step into a more ideal reality

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Sattva Land

6 Days in the Maya Mountains of Belize

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